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  Title : Entering A Trance
  Artist : Chang Fee-Ming
  Media : Watercolor on paper
  Size : 76 x 56 cm
  Year : 1992
Wayang wong is an ancient masked dance drama. The dancer concentrates on his role as Jatayu, the garuda bird in the Indian Ramayana epic. He tries to rescue Sita, wife of Rama, who is abducted by Rawana.

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  Title : Gabor Pendet Dance
  Artist : Jeremiah Elizalde Navarro
  Media : Acrylic on canvas
  Size : 139 x 86 cm
  Year : 1991
During Balinese temple festivals, some of the women who are present may perform spontaneous dances of devotion while carrying offerings or other ritual objects. Known colectively as gabor or pendet, these devotional dances are done in honor of the visiting deities. Bright colors and strong brush strokes evoke the vibrant, dynamic dance movements and the festive atmosphere of a religious celebration in Bali.

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  Title : A Midsummer's Night Dream In Bali
  Artist : Roger San Miguel
  Media : Oil on canvas
  Size : 144 x 171 cm
  Year : 1996
Inspired by the very popular Rajapala Balinese folk tale of the seven heavenly nymphs and the young man who marries one of them, the focus here is on sweet innocence instead. Rajapala is shown as a young boy playing a bamboo flute, as if accompanying the beautiful bathing maidens. He does not seem to be cencered with marriage. The nymphs frolic in a cool forest pond as the play with fireflies and scatter flowers. The layers of bright color lend a tanslucent, dream-like quality to this refreshing interpretation.

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