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  Title : Two Dancers
  Artist : Srihadi Soedarsono
  Media : Oil on canvas
  Size : 125 x 100 cm
  Year : 1975
Two woman dressed for the courtly legong dance sit on an invisible surface so that they appear to floant in the air against a solid colored background. They are waiting to dance as one looks to the left as if to the stage, while the other gazes to the front. Their white faces are expressionless like masks. Light from an unseen source reflects on their golden bibs and crowns, and their bright blue fans contrast with the other colors used.

  Title : Black Sand Beach
  Artist : Srihadi Soedarsono
  Media : Oil on canvas
  Size : 92 x 142 cm
  Year : 1975
A group of colourful Balinese jukung (double outrigger canoes) with crocodile-like faces contrast sharply against the dark background of a back sand beach, Balinese fishermen believe that the eyes on their canoes help the vessels to see at night and avoid dangers, in addition to helping them find fish and other marine animals to catch. The eyes also frighten away harmful forces white at sea. The frontal view of one canoe looks light a horned buffalo head, and his separated from the others as a result. The dark blue sky adds a feeling of loneliness in this bold, graphic work.

  Title : Cosmic Mountain
  Artist : Achmad Sadali
  Media : Acrylic on paper
  Size : 38 x 32 cm
  Year : 1978
In many parts of Indonesia the mountain represents the cosmos. The triangle symbolizes the mountain. The shapes within contrast with the thin outline. The colors are earthy in this bold abstraction.

Gift of Agung Rai Fine Art Gallery (Peliatan, Bali)

  Title : Festival Day
  Artist : Abas Alibasjah
  Media : Oil on canvas
  Size : 100 x 127 cm
  Year : 1981
During an odalan (temple anniversary ceremony), different acitivities take place for a rame (boisterous, busy) mood. The candi bentar (split gateway) is flanked by dressed demon statues to prevent evil from entering the temple. Penjor (decorated bamboo effering poles), lamak (long palm leaf banners), and a shrine outside the gate with offerings welcome the visiting deities. Slender umbul-umbul (banners) arch up from inside the temple. In the meantime, high banten (offerings)are carried by woman on their heads, the holiest part of the body. Men squat around gambling games or buy snacks and drinks from vendors.

  Title : Sunshine At Neka Art Museum
  Artist : Sindudarsono Sudjojono
  Media : Oil on canvas
  Size : 67 x 97 cm
  Year : 1979
This landscape view from the original entrance area of the Neka Art Museum overlooks the lush tropical gardens and some of the buildings. Bright sunshine brings out the brilliant colors of leaves and flowers. Founder and director of the museum, Suteja Neka, sits on a chair (far right), adding a human element to the idyllic scene in Bali.

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